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For the last 10+ years we have dedicated ourselves to providing our clients with the tools to an everlasting product that they can always look back on and be proud of.


Let Philia Audio be the final ears on your mix before it's released to the world. We can apply the innovative tools and techniques we utilize everyday to bring your release to the next level.


Philia Audio is finally now here to assist you in re-amping all guitars and bass in your production. We want to give your song a timeless character and truly serve it's personality.


About Philia Audio

Philia Audio is an independent audio mixing and mastering studio based in Orlando, Florida. The studio has played a huge role in providing professional, custom production to local and national artists alike. Founded by Paul Hundeby, the studio finds its roots in alternative, indie, pop punk, post-rock, hardcore, and more.

Philia Audio is very proud to provide these services at the fraction of the cost and return time as other studios.

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  • Jack Shirley

    Working with Paul is always smooth and easy. Mastering his mixes feels more like fine-tuning or accentuating rather than needing to fix problems or re-work the whole balance. –Jack Shirley, Atomic Garden

  • Henrietta

    Every time we come back to record with Paul we’re impressed with the amount that his studio has grown and improved, but his attention to detail and determination to create a professional product has been there since day one. His love of, or maybe obsession over, his craft has pushed us to make records that we’re proud of years after their release.–Henrietta

  • Makari

    I had such a positive experience working with Paul at Philia Audio. It’s a great atmosphere, and he’s a great producer. –Makari